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Accountant for limited Companies

We are an accountancy firm in London affiliated to the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the United Kingdom.

Chartered Management Accountant (CMA's) can save businesses lots of money that businesses would otherwise spend on paying other chartered accountants.

CMA's have industry-specific knowledge as they are trained to work in the industry. They understand businesses better and entrepreneurs can learn a lot about their industry by working with a CMA.

Accountant for IT contractors

Orbit Guardian acts as business accountant for several IT contractors working through a limited company or a self-employed entity. We specialise in providing payroll services along with regular bookkeeping, accountancy and taxation services.

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CMA's are trained to work with startup businesses. Orbit Guardian has industry-specific knowledge of the professional services industry and in particular, the IT industry.

Accountant for Sole Traders

We act as small business accountant for sole traders by providing complete accounting and payroll services that are tailored just for the sole trader business structure.

Sole trader business usually have less accounting transactions in the initial years and hence a lower cost. We give this benefit back to the sole trader through our unique 1% cost model for sole trader accounting service.


'Orbit Guardian has made our accounting function look very effortless and they are very timely, reliable and accurate in providing their service. Their structured accounting service provides valuable information to our business that would have otherwise gone un-noticed.'

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Bookkeeping services

We are a business accountant providing on-site bookkeeping services and outsourced bookkeeping services. All our bookkeepers are certified bookkeepers or qualified accountants.

We provide outsourced bookkeeping through online accounting packages like XERO and Quickbooks and we provide onsite bookkeeping services on Sage line 50, XERO and Quickbooks. Our outsourced bookkeeping services are fully compliant and entirely based in the UK. Please contact us to know more about our bookkeeping services.


'Orbit Guardian have provided us with highly flexible bookkeeping services at a very reasonable and affordable cost, almost like service on demand. This has helped us to manage our accountancy costs very well.'

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